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By Hessie Jones

I never thought I could write this article, mainly because I don’t have the technical chops to build credibility for this work. …

By Hessie Jones

Jonathan Weiss Indianapolis — Circa February 2021: COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card

As of February 18, the global coronavirus cases stood at 110.2 million, with a death toll of 2.42 million. With public health authorities and governments endeavouring to get ahead of the virus, the urgency is now focused on effective and pervasive vaccine distribution. The magnitude and scale…

By Abigail Dubiniecki

Digital self defense does not mean MI5 agents. Nor are those who practice it unified by a single ideology. They’re fed up with the pervasive online behavioural tracking that now follows them into their offline lives.

AI needs data. Lots of it. The more data you can…

with Hessie Jones and Gemma Milne

Gemma Milne and Hessie Jones

Excitement around technologies like AI and automation tends to focus on the amazing things it can do. But what about the things it should or shouldn’t do? In this episode of Connected & Ready, host Gemma Milne is joined by Hessie Jones, co-founding member…

by Hessie Jones

Patricia Thaine, Founder Private AI

Patricia Thaine is a young founder of a startup, Private AI, a Toronto and Berlin-based startup creating a suite of privacy tools that make it easy to comply with data protection regulations, mitigate cybersecurity threats, and maintain customer trust. …

Podcast with Abigail Dubiniecki

Abigail Dubiniecki

On the day after Data Protection Day (or Privacy Day, depending on whether you are tomato or tomato) we take a look at privacy enhancing technologies — how to control, restrict and eliminate your personal data footprint (if that’s what you want to do). …

Podcast with Doc Searles featuring John Wunderlich

John Wunderlich

Take a deep dive into the connections between standards, open-source, and much more with John Wunderlich, MyData Canada member. John contributes to many standards efforts as a self-described privacist with a degree in history and who in past lives was a journeyman machinist and trained air traffic controller.

About John…

MyData Canada

Our vision is to become an essential voice of technological and social change that impacts the data rights of all Canadians and influences the national debate.

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