Digital Detox — how to cleanse yourself on Data Protection Day

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2 min readMar 28, 2021


Podcast with Abigail Dubiniecki

Abigail Dubiniecki

On the day after Data Protection Day (or Privacy Day, depending on whether you are tomato or tomato) we take a look at privacy enhancing technologies — how to control, restrict and eliminate your personal data footprint (if that’s what you want to do). This podcast will be invaluable for privacy professionals that want to know what Privacy Enhancing Technologies are available and for consumers that would like to have greater control of their digital profiles.

About Abigail Dubiniecki

Abigail is a lawyer and certified privacy geek and Privtech enthusiast who speaks, writes, trains and advises on data privacy issues. She is also actively involved in the privacy and data protection community. She’s on a personal mission in 2020 to help consumers, SMEs and the Privtech / Tech-for-Good community escape the toxic digital swamp contaminated by a corporate surveillance culture in favour of a healthier digital ecosystem built on privacy, trust, fairness and user-centricity.

Speaker: A regular at conferences and webinars offered by a range of providers including IAPP, Data Protection World Forum, Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce, Canadian Bar Association, Privitar In:Operations Data Leaders Breakfast and ON24.

Writer: PL&B UK Correspondent & Information Age Privacy Writer. She has been published in academic publications including The Journal of Data Protection and Privacy by Henry Stewart.

Trainer: Former Associate of Henley Business School’s GDPR Transition Programme; Contributor to University of Toronto’s Privacy Management in the Digital Enterprise Certificate (privacy engineering module); delivers bespoke in-house training to SME clients and workshops to the public. On the menu for 2020 — on-demand training videos.

**Lawyer: **As a Data Privacy Specialist with My Inhouse Lawyer, she advises a portfolio of SMEs on GDPR implementation. Her blended approach of legal, technical and operational dimensions is focused on helping them develop robust internal privacy programs to enhance trust and de-risk the business.

Community: new member of the UK Privacy by Design panel (IOT/1/-/5) (BSI). She has organised privtech roundtables and privacy meetups and plans to hold Digital Detox workshops for consumers, solopreneurs and privacy professionals alike.

Connect with her on LinkedIn: Follow her on Twitter @LegallyAbigail or get in touch via email to



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