What Makes a Standard?

Podcast with Doc Searles featuring John Wunderlich

John Wunderlich

Take a deep dive into the connections between standards, open-source, and much more with John Wunderlich, MyData Canada member. John contributes to many standards efforts as a self-described privacist with a degree in history and who in past lives was a journeyman machinist and trained air traffic controller.

About John Wunderlich:

John Wunderlich is an information privacy & security expert with extensive experience in information privacy, identity management, and data security. He has designed, built, operated and assessed systems for operations and compliance in the private and public sectors for over 25 years. This includes working or consulting for Fortune 500 corporations, government ministries, small companies, volunteer organizations, regulators, and health systems organizations of all sizes. He adds value to organizations that need to meet multiple stakeholder expectations for the responsible information management of personal information. John works with organizations to enable them to focus on measurable performance and process improvement so that they can focus on risk management rather than crisis management. John is also a sought after expert witness for privacy and identity issues.

Before launching his consulting practice, John served in a number of leadership capacities in both the public and private sector. These roles included Director of Privacy for Cancer Care Ontario, Senior Policy and Information Technology Advisor to the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (IPC), and Program Manager at Ceridian Canada.



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