Can AI and Automation be Humanized?

with Hessie Jones and Gemma Milne

Gemma Milne and Hessie Jones

Excitement around technologies like AI and automation tends to focus on the amazing things it can do. But what about the things it should or shouldn’t do? In this episode of Connected & Ready, host Gemma Milne is joined by Hessie Jones, co-founding member of MyData Canada, to get under the surface of how companies might approach these technologies in terms of mission, values, and privacy to make them more human-centered. Amid the excitement about possibilities, what should companies be concerned about? How can models and sources of data reduce bias? And of course, what will the future of AI and automation look like? Both dive into how companies should assess the value and purpose of AI and automation initiatives. They also explore scenarios that give individuals more control over personal information while also making data more accessible and usable, and how businesses can determine the most effective places to use AI and automation.

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